We ensure safe operating methods and conditions – every day

The guiding principle of our operations is our overall responsibility for the safety of the railways and personnel. Our operations must in no way endanger the safety of passenger and freight traffic, and rail traffic cannot threaten the safety of our employees and our partners.

We make considerable investments in preventive measures aimed at improving occupational and traffic safety, and we strive in every way to promote the safety development of the entire infrastructure industry.

We train and induct our new and current employees in safe ways of operating, and at the same time look after our subcontractors and partners.

Our safety management system comprises an occupational health and safety management system, a traffic safety management system and a safety certificate granted by the Finnish Transport Safety Agency (Trafi). The principles of the safety and environmental programmes that we comply with also apply to our material suppliers and subcontractors.

Taking care of occupational safety concerns all of us. Identifying the dangers of our work is an integral part of our operations.

Occupational safety plays a key role in our day-to-day work

We carry out measures to promote occupational safety systematically and purposefully in all our operations. Everyone is responsible for intervening in unsafe behaviour and reporting any observed shortcomings. If hazardous situations and errors do occur, we learn from them.

The goal of occupational safety operations is to promote work safety and personnel’s work capacity in such a way that productivity, quality, corporate image and personnel’s well-being are also positively influenced.

We set occupational safety targets and indicators annually, and we follow up on them closely. We place special emphasis on preventive measures and communication that actively promotes work safety. In 2016, NRC Group Finland was recognised with the Zero Accidents Forum’s occupational safety class III – On the way to being a world leader in safety.


We foster railway safety

We operate work machinery on the railway network. As a railway traffic operator, we maintain a standard of safety for railways and continuously develop the safety of traffic and its related operations with the goal of improving the overall safety of railways.

We set annual targets and indicators for railway safety. Our operations are guided by our railway safety management system and the safety certificate granted by the Finnish Transport Safety Agency (Trafi).

We aim to improve the overall safety of railways.