NRC Group Finland is a construction company and maintenance provider specialised in infrastructure projects, as well as a major supplier of railway materials. As a pioneer in our industry, we focus on agile operations and innovation.

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Versatile construction operations with expertise and modern tools

We are Finland’s biggest railway builder and only full-scope supplier of railway systems. We also build tramways.

In addition to railway and tramway engineering, our expertise covers other areas of infrastructure construction, such as highway and bridge building and telematics installations. We meet the customer’s needs by integrating the entire life cycle of the project as required, from project planning through to maintenance.

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Quality maintenance creates value for our customers

Our maintenance service concepts cover a wide scope of traffic arteries and electricity networks. Maintenance services guarantee the usability of traffic arteries, the soundness of structures and the availability of the related equipment. Quality maintenance boosts productivity and reduces capital expenditure.

Our 16 locations throughout Finland guarantee extensive geographical coverage and good availability of services even on short notice.

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Diverse services in materials for railway infrastructure

Our expertise in material services reflects our solid background in railway systems. Our material services cover the procurement and storage of railway materials, including various impregnation techniques for railway sleepers.

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Top quality with the latest technology

Railway building and maintenance call for efficient specialised equipment and rolling stock. Our fleet of heavy-duty machinery presents the latest technology in the field, boosts productivity and enables high quality.

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