Versatile construction operations with expertise and modern tools

We are Finland’s biggest railway builder and only full-scope supplier of railway systems. We also build tramways.

In addition to railway and tramway engineering, our expertise covers other areas of infrastructure construction, such as highway and bridge building and telematics installations. We meet the customer’s needs by integrating the entire life cycle of the project as required, from project planning through to maintenance.

We are active in main- and sub-contracting, design/build contracts as well as alliance projects. Currently we are building a tramway in Tampere, as a partner in the city’s Tramway Alliance, and in central Finland we are improving the railway connections to the Äänekoski bioproduct mill in an alliance project with the Finnish Transport Agency. We also participate in consortiums to merge expertise from several industry players into a solid package.

Our construction services include track construction, electrical construction and much more!

We have expanded our expertise to tramway building. We are among Finland’s top players in alliance contracting.