Engineering based on life-cycle thinking

We are one of the biggest infrastructure engineering firms and the leading specialist in railway, electricity and signalling systems in Finland. We complete our projects efficiently with modern tools, aiming at the best value for the money without compromising safety.

Our engineering and consulting services encompass the entire life cycle of the railway, including contingency planning for possible future changes in conditions and traffic volumes. Our engineering approach is increasingly model-based.

Our subsidiary Arcus Ltd specialises in extremely demanding structural and geotechnical engineering cases. Another subsidiary, Infrapro operates in infrastructure engineering in the Swedish market. In addition to railways, Infrapro’s engineering and consulting services also cover all types of infrastructure engineering.

Our customers include government agencies and municipalities as well as ports and industrial companies.

NRC Group’s engineering and consulting services become a part of Sweco in November 2019. More info in our media release (in Finnish).


Our staff includes experts in transportation engineering and area planning, structural engineering, geotechnical and rock engineering, technical systems, technology development, research and information management. More than 200 engineering professionals at your service!

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Solid overall expertise in transportation arteries

Our all-in-one engineering services for transportation projects cover technology disciplines related to the construction of transportation facilities, including topographic surveys and measurements, traffic, geotechnical, structural, signalling equipment, electrification and environmental engineering, and risk management.

A new asset in our portfolio, road and street engineering and area planning, covers complete engineering services from initial concept designs to structural engineering for roads and streets as well as more extensive sites, such as public squares and parking areas, industrial facilities, ports, logistics terminals and yard areas.

We specialize in the design and engineering of bridges and safety-critical structures related to railways throughout their life-cycle stages as well as engineering and expert services linked with railway technology and systems.

In addition to the state-owned rail system, our expertise is available to all owners and railway infrastructure managers of private sidings throughout Finland. We will tailor our private siding services to meet each customer’s specific needs.

Laying safe and solid groundwork

We use the latest technology to provide cost-effective work-site measurement and machine control services flexibly and according to stringent quality standards.

We meet strict quality standards in geotechnical investigations even in demanding conditions thanks to our fleet of up-to-date special equipment.

Our engineers have years of experience of demanding geotechnical engineering cases in road, street and railway projects as well as in building construction projects. We aim for cost-efficient geotechnical solutions tailored to the customer’s particular needs.

Our safety engineering and risk management services ensure that the projects flow smoothly and allow us to proactively manage all safety aspects of the site jointly with the customer.

Promoting sustainable development

Traffic engineering has a key role in the successful prioritisation of development measures and correct funding decisions in critical locations.

Interactive environmental engineering ensures the best results and also facilitates the administrative processes related to engineering design and the necessary permits. Environmental impact assessments are created in close co-operation with the client, environmental and other authorities as well as local experts of ecology and habitats.

Our asset management services provide sensible solutions aimed at supporting the structure owners’ management systems to avoid any maintenance deficit or loss of information.

We also offer BIM modelling services for any type of assignment.