Are you a rising star wanting to work in civil engineering?

The doers of tomorrow are important to us. That is why we are investing in student relations.

Through educational programs and various summer trainee positions we aim to get to know students and offer them information about our career possibilities. We develop our co-operations continually through dialogue with students.

We cooperate with universities and secondary schools all around Finland but we are also open for new international possibilities and collaborations. Our most common forms of cooperation include visits to institutions and giving guest lectures, student visits to our offices and workshops, course and project work, cooperation agreements with organizations and guides, and work fair co-operation. We also offer versatile summer training opportunities for students in various fields annually, and also provide young people with on-the-job learning opportunities in cooperation with educational institutions. Higher education students finishing up their degrees can also work with us through various thesis projects.

In 2018, we are participating in the Responsible Summer trainee 2018 campaign, through which we are committed to respecting the principles of good summer jobs and providing students with much needed work experience in their respective fields.

Working hands-on with civil engineering

Our technical trainee Veera is a third-year-student of information and communication technologies at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. With VR Track she gets to work hands-on with unique projects.


Look into working with us!

Would you like familiarize yourself with civil-engineering? Or would you like to get familiar with working for VR Track? We annually hire motivated and proactive students to get to get to know our way of working,  all around Finland. During your internship you get to know the inner workings of the infrastructure part of our business.

Together with educational institutions we offer internships and other possibilities that are mainly aimed at students majoring in engineering. Field work requires the applicant to be at least 18 years of age. Apply by sending your application to our Educational institution liaison officer via email.