Kokkola-Riippa Construction Project RU1

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Kokkola-Riippa construction project RU1 was part of the socially remarkable Seinäjoki-Oulu-railway project completed in 2017. The enhanced one-track railway and new double-track passages secure the development and flexibility of the train traffic.

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Kokkola–Riippa Construction Project RU1


2 x 23 km new and old tracks.

14 railway points installations for 4 railway switching points

13 underpass bridges and 1 overpass bridges besides the road arrangements for the new underpass bridges

12 railway bridges

5 railway bridge repairs

The contract was implemented based on the “Design and Build”-model (D&B). In the Kokkola-Riippa which is the 23 kilometers long railway section, VR Track renovated the old track besides constructing the new double track next to the old one. The project included both the substructure and the superstructure work along with work regarding the high-tension current and the electrified track. Additionally, as a part of the project is to maintain the geometric condition of the track during the warranty period of three years.

Kokkola-Riippa project is part of the Seinäjoki-Oulu railway project which completed in 2017. The new double-track sections increase the railway traffic capacity which enables to increase the traffic level in general. The enhanced railway connection creates new opportunities for the land use and business operations between Seinäjoki and Oulu. The shorter travelling distance brings regional and national centers closer to each other. This benefits Pohjanmaa as a whole but especially the smaller districts with railway stations.