Level crossing work at the Oulu harbor in 2015

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During the level crossing work at the Oulu harbor we renovated the old superstructures of the level crossing and repaired the old switch entirely.

Project customer:

Oulun Satama Oy

Project duration:

4 days

Project name:

Level crossing work at the Oulu harbor in 2015

In the level crossing work for Oulun Satama Oy we renovated the superstructures of the two level crossings for 54E1 rail and concrete logs while removing the old K40 rail. The groove flanges of the level crossings were constructed with the Krug groove flange profile. The covers were made of asphalt. The conversion of the support layer was kv-0,55. At the level crossing of the crossroad 1 we renovated the old Swedish switch.

The project was implemented successfully on schedule. According to the customer’s Construction Manager the great expertise and professional behavior of VR Track’s personnel earned a special mention. All the quality documents were delivered on time and the traffic to the harbor began to operate as planned.