Simulation of the tramway of Kruunusillat

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VR Track implemented a simulation of the planned tram traffic of Kruunusillat that locates between the Helsinki center and Laajasalo. HSL was the customer of the project. In the simulation the functionality of the traffic was analyzed using the predictions of the years 2026 and 2040.

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Simulating the tramway of Kruunusillat


Kruunusillat project comprises the tramway construction between Helsinki center and Laajasalo. The total cost of the project is 260 million euros.

The two new fast tramways will be established between Yliskylä and Haakoninlahti. The planning principals differ from the principals of downtown area due to increasingly longer carriage models and higher quality objectives.

In the project the geometry of the track was specifically modeled as was the tram equipment to be used. Additionally, the planning was done for the schedule structures which were used in the simulation.

The project simulated the tram traffic between the center of Helsinki and Laajasalo in the planned tramway connection of Kruunusillat. In the project the tram network was modeled along with the tram equipment to be used. The simulated tram schedules were also planned according to the predictions of the years 2026 and 2040. The simulations were conducted both as static run time simulations without using the run time deviations and also as dynamic simulations where a driver specific deviation was defined for every vehicle. The simulations were performed both with the normal traffic as well as with the rush hour conditions where Kruunuvuorensilta is considered to be a single track tramway. The functionality of the final stop of Kaivokatu was measured with a separate final stop simulation where the maximum capacity of the stop and the utilization was defined with different shifts.