Traffic communication for the Äänenkoski bioproduct factory

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Once completed, the bioproduct factory in Äänenkoski will increase the railway freight traffic which requires improvements for the entire Tampere-Jyväskylä-Äänenkoski railway section. VR Track planned and implemented the project as an alliance contract together with Liikennevirasto. The project was completed in August 2017. The project was part of the larger railway improvement undertaking which aims to enhance the public and private roads connected to level crossings.

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Traffic communication for the Äänenkoski bioproduct factory


Excellent proofs of the successful project measured with safety, collaboration and schedule.

Almost 60 km renovation of superstructures and the change of 26 switches. The materials used in the project included 100 000 pcs of railroad ties, 220 000 tn of railroad aggregate and 120 km of track.

Renovation of a tunnel in extremely challenging conditions

Execution stage only 17 months

The project was extremely demanding with regard to the scale and schedule of the entire project. The contract was implemented as an alliance contract together with Liikennevirasto. Together with the customer we defined the substance, planning and documentation of the project along with the implementation itself. The work included the deployment tasks as well. The railway between Jyväskylä and Äänenkoski was electrified covering the distance of 47 kilometers. The machine control was remarkably exploited in the foundation and superstructure work. As an example, the new work methods were applied in the changeover work which also reflected as improved quality and efficiency.

Six months before the end of the project Liikennevirasto ordered a massive extension to the existing project. However, we were able to deliver this on time according to the initial schedule. Part of the work was done in very demanding conditions from which an example is a 6-week long traffic break between Jämsä and Jyväskylä. During the break the tunnels and superstructures were renovated.